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Productivity may go Open Source

We're considering making Productivity an open source application, in addition to being free. This means that we will host the source code of the application on a website, and you can view and modify it as per your needs.

Making the application open source has the advantage that other developers can help in identifying and fixing bugs and also give suggestions and create derivative works of the project.

We'd like your opinion on this matter about whether or not the application should go open source, and with a positive response, we'll take the required steps to do so.

Version 1.0 Released!

Version 1.0 has been released, and is finally up for download on various download sites. This version fixes several bugs in the app, and brings a Timetable Manager feature as well. 

The Timetable Manager feature is best suited for students preparing for examinations who need to plan out what to study and when. Although the feature is somewhat primitive in its features currently, that will improve in future versions.

You can download the new version, which is 20.2 MB, from any of the following sites:



We hope you find the new version useful!

Version 1.0 to Release Next Week

We're nearly done with the development of version 1.0, and we can finally release version 1.0. This version comes with the feature which was requested by the person who gave the idea for the app (Bhavana Sanghi), a Timetable Manager, apart from quite a few bug fixes.

We have, of course, received some suggestions for a few UI changes and other stuff, but we'll roll those out in the next update, since our primary goal is to get a bug-free version out first.

The new version shouldn't be a much bigger download than the previous version, so expect a download of around 22 MB or so. We'll let you know when the next version is up for download.

Productivity to include Nap Timer

It's a pretty well-known fact that many of top company CEOs sleep pretty little. For example, Marissa Mayer recently revealed that she sleeps only 4 hours a day. For many of us, that's an impossible feat, but some of us take naps during the day, which allow for less sleep at night. 

You could be following the Dymaxion, Uberman or Everyman sleep cycles, or you could simply be taking a nap when you're tired. Whatever it may be, Productivity can help you wake up with a nap timer feature that will be added. You need to simply choose how long the nap will be, and it'll wake you up. Future versions will let you set the alarm so that you'll have to solve math problems to dismiss it (for people who dismiss the alarm and go back to sleep).

Version 0.4 is up for Download!

It hasn't been very long since we finished developing version 0.4, and it's already up for download on!

Here's the complete change log for this version:
Bug fix in Sticky NotesSocial Blocker Feature UpdatedHelp UI ChangedCompLock plays sound at end of break periodWorkout feature addedYou can download the new version here.

This version is portable too, and on extracting the zip file you get only 3 files this time as opposed to more in version 0.3, making it easier to use the app. Here's a screenshot of the main application window.

Version 0.4 Releasing This Week!

We've been working on the next version of Productivity, version 0.4. There's not much that's new in this version except a feature called "Wake Up", which is a series of instructions for a good morning workout.

You'll have options for a basic as well as an advanced workout, and both will last around 8 minutes. 

For those starting the course newly, we strongly recommend the basic course, and when you're comfortable with it, you can switch to the advanced course.

Apart from this new feature is a set of bug fixes that we discovered.

We can't say what the exact release date will be, but we'll surely let you know once it's out :)

Version 0.3 Released!

We've finally released version 0.3 of Productivity! You can download it from Softpedia at the following link:

 Below are the new features and improvements in this version:
Sticky Notes can be saved to filesWork cycles feature added to CompLock with preset optionsMore statistics added to Flash CardsNew UI for NotesFacebook Blocker addedJournal feature addedTell us what you think :)