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Version 2 Will Release on March 31

We're finally done with the development of version 2, and now we're testing the application for bugs. Version 2 brings improvements to some features of the application, along with new features and bug fixes. Here is the complete change log for the new version:

Bug fixes: Journal, CompLock, ToDo List

Update Check added
Nap Alarm added with Dymaxion, Uberman and Everyman sleep cycle support

Search added
Attachments feature added

Timetable Manager:
Modify details feature added
Today menu added

The Attachment feature in Journal lets you attach a picture to your journal entries, making it easier to store your memories. Only one picture per entry is allowed for now, and you can't add attachments to previously added entries.

The Nap Alarm feature lets you quickly set up an alarm for a nap, up to a maximum of 40 minutes (we believe a nap shouldn't last any longer). In future versions, we'll let you customize the alarm with options like having to solve math problems …