Friday, 23 June 2017

Version 5.0 Coming Soon!

We're finally coming up with a newer version of the app! However, this update will only apply to Journal, and not affect the other products in Productivity.

As per current plans, we intend to release Journal as a separate app on its own, but users of Productivity will also get the new update.

The new Journal app is now cross-platform, which means it will run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. We've rebuilt it from the ground-up, with a fresh new UI!

Apart from the same great features you're used to, the new version now encrypts your journal using AES-256 encryption, so you'll have to provide a password to open your journals. This keeps your private information safe.

Among other features planned, you'll also be able to now add multiple images to each day's journal entry.

Unfortunately, all these new additional features do mean that we now use a newer file format (.ejournal) instead of the older .journalx. The new format allows us to store more information, like additional images and app version number in the file. This means that the app is no longer backwards compatible, so if you open a journal you created with the older Journal (which was a part of Productivity), you'll have to upgrade to the newer version. Your previous data will be retained, though, so the only difference you'll notice is that you'll now have to enter a password to open the new files.

Although we don't have a release date in mind yet, our current plan is to release it later this year, though at earliest it will be out in late September. This is to improve the current UI and to test for bugs, to make sure your data is safe.

The new standalone Journal app will be published to Softpedia, so those who wish to use only this app can download it for their platform once it's released.

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