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JournalBear 5.0 Beta Releasing This Week!

It's been a long wait, and after multiple UI changes and tests, I'm finally done with the first beta of JournalBear 5.0! 

As promised, this will be cross-platform, meaning it'll run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, both 32 and 64-bit, but it's restricted to Debian-based systems for now, which includes Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Elementary OS.

Apart from the features you're used to from the previous version, Productivity 4.0, the new version uses AES-256 encryption, and makes it mandatory, so you'll have to use a strong password to encrypt your journal. After that, no unauthorized person will be able to look at your entries without the right password. The new version also lets you search by date. Entries can now also be styled, using either HTML or Markdown, both of which are easy to use. If you're comfortable with HTML, feel free to use a separate <style> tag for all your CSS. 

While we're on the topic of being new, there's also a new temporary logo!

I'll likely change this temporary logo, but for now, this is it.

Remember, however, that this is a beta and not stable software, so you might encounter bugs. If you do, please report them so I can fix them immediately.

The new version will release this week, and I'll post download links to versions for all operating systems.


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JournalBear 5.0 Beta 1 Released!

The first beta for JournalBear 5.0, the first version after the rebranding, is now up for download!

As mentioned in earlier posts, this version is more responsive and supports encryption. I will continue to build upon this version after user feedback. This version is cross-platform, so it'll work on all major operating systems.

You can download the software for your operating system from this link. While writing this post, only the Windows and Linux versions support 32-bit systems, and among Linux, only Debian-based distros, like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Elementary OS are supported.

Please do note that the app is still in its primitive stages--while I don't expect major bugs, there may be minor hiccups. The versions released so far don't have the JournalBear icon shown in the previous post.

Do share your feedback and any bug reports so that the software may be improved in future versions.

Version 0.1 Releasing Next Week!

Most of the work on version 0.1 is finally over, and it's almost time for release! After searching for and removing bugs and finishing off the Help section, the app will be sent to download sites to be updated. I can't confirm the exact release date, but it'll be done by next week. Here's a quick review of what you can expect new in the next version:
Bug fixes in ToDo ListBug fixes in Sticky NotesBug fixes in PrioritizeImprovements to ToDo List - Sorting, overdue tasks grayed out, printing the list, removing overdue tasks, updating tasksUI ChangesAdditions to ToDo List - Task ID, Start Date, Gantt ChartImprovement in Flash Cards - basic stats now given at end of sessionRelax feature addedThere is a Help section in case you're stuck with any of the features too :)