Saturday, 17 January 2015

Another Beta Release

Productivity version 0.1 Beta is already up for download on Softpedia, and contrary to what was planned earlier, there will be another beta release before the final version comes out. Please do note that the beta version has some incomplete features, but whatever is done should work properly. If you encounter any errors, please submit a bug report by commenting.
The first thing you’ll notice in the next beta is the new UI. It’s a cleaner and more easy to use UI than before, and we’ve also included a Help section to help you get started (not that you’ll need it). Here’s the new UI:

The major reason for releasing another beta is that we wanted some more feedback about the app so we can make it the way you want.
The most significant development has been done to the ToDo List feature, whose UI has also changed a bit.
Unfortunately we can’t confirm a release date yet, but we’ll surely let you know soon:)

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